Anchoring Point

Compulocks Anchoring Point for Security Cable Locks

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– Anchor Point for Securing Cable Locks
– Compatible with All Our Cable Locks
– Screw Or Adhesive Mounting
– Stainless Steel Construction

Product Description

Anchoring Point for Compulocks Security Cable Locks

A ringed stainless-steel anchoring unit for tethering cable locks to when there is no secure object available. You can fasten the anchor point with screws or glue it with industrial strength adhesive.

Anchor Point Unit Includes:

  1. Ringed Anchor Point
  2. Industrial Glue
  3. Bolting Screws

Specific Product Part Numbers:

(Silver) Anchor Point: SKU EK1 / UPC 856282004348


– 6 foot Extra Thick Steel Security Cable

– High Security two piece Security Lock Head

– Two Keys

– Carry Pouch


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