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Printing up to 64 inches wide, the Epson SureColor SC-S70670 not only supports the use of white and metallic inks simultaneously but also offers the widest colour gamut for a wide variety of indoor and commercial applications.

Ultimate Image Quality

The SureColor SC-S70670 takes image quality to the next level with its 10-colour UltraChrome GSX ink set with simultaneous support for printing white and metallic ink on dark or transparent media.

    Widest Colour Gamut

    The Epson UltraChrome GSX ink set, featuring light magenta, light cyan, light black and orange as well as CMYK, gives the widest colour gamut of Epson’s SureColor printer range. The use of light colour inks achieves ultra-smooth tonal gradations and transitions, while light black ink provides enhanced neutral greyscales. The 10-colour model includes the option for white and metallic inks to increase versatility and scope for production, from simple signage to high-end displays and decor.

    The eco-solvent ink set is formulated to provide up to three years of light-fastness^, tripling the previous level of durability. It is also odourless, nickel-free and has significantly reduced amounts of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it safe for use in both offices and outdoor environments.

    Micro Piezo Thin Film Piezo® Print Head

    Epson’s proven and robust Micro Piezo TFP™ print head achieves extreme precision in ink droplet placement while doubling the standard nozzle count from 180 to 360 per colour. Click here to know more about the Epson’s Micro Piezo™ print head.

    Half Tone Module (HTM)

    To ensure flawless reproduction of skin tones and subtle colour gradations, Epson has created a Half Tone Module (HTM) for its advanced Look-Up Table (LUT) technology. HTM is also available when printing directly through our Adobe Illustrator plug-in.

    Advanced Look-Up Table (LUT) Technology

    Intelligent conversion of RGB to CMYK colour information is accomplished through Epson’s advanced LUT technology, which leverages the wide colour gamut of the inks and determines the ideal blend for the type of image being printed. The result is greater colour accuracy and consistency every time.


Optimised for Productivity

    The high performance of SC-S70670 perfectly complements its superb colour output. Its dual print heads deliver fast print speeds of up to 26.8m²/h in high-speed mode and 13.2m²/h in production mode, without a dedicated Raster Image Processor (RIP). An integrated dryer ensures prints are quickly readied for handling while an additional drying system is available for even faster turnaround time.
    *Speed depends on each RIP. The above is supported by Epson’s plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator.


Superb Reliability

The SC-S70670 is built with a sturdy, ergonomic design with five smart features to boost reliability and efficiency in busy work environments.

    Anti-Nozzle Clogging Sensor

    The built-in sensors constantly monitor the printed image to detect any flaws resulting from nozzle clogging. The print head is then automatically adjusted to allow production to continue while minimising print wastage.

    Easy Roll Media Loading

    With the jack at the rear, loading a new roll is an easy task. Media tensioning can be controlled easily from front or back of the printer for speedier setup to maximise productivity. ‘Auto Tension Control’ and three platen gap settings ensure accurate and efficient media feeding for reliable and continuous printing.

    Adobe Illustrator® Plug-in

    The Epson’s plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator (version CS5 or later and is free to download from Epson’s website) allows direct printing to the SC-S50670 without the need for a RIP. The plug-in provides an easy-to-use interface for easy print settings and one-touch printing.

    Back-up Function for Custom Media Settings

    Customised common or special jobs can be stored on the SC-S70670’s Remote Panel 2 on a user’s workstation and share with other connected SureColor printers.

    Paper Feed Adjustment

    Reduce print wastage with a shortcut button on the control panel, which allows users to correct the paper feed while printing is in progress.


Designed for Ease-of-Use

The hardware and software design of SureColor of SureColor SC-S50670 makes it a breeze to operate and maintain.

    User-Friendly Layout

    All major operations and settings can be accessed conveniently on the right side of the printer, saving operators’ time from moving around the printer.

    Easy-to-Use Interface

    The shortcut buttons allow easy access to frequently used functions, such as Maintenance, Heating and Drying.

    Large 2.5-inch Colour LCD Screen

    With the large and clear 2.5-inch colour LCD screen, users can check printer settings at a glance.

    Alert Lamp & Buzzer

    In the event of printer error, users are quickly alerted.

    Status Notification System

    The SC-S70670 can send status alerts such as ‘End of Print Job’, ‘Error’ or ‘Ink Running Out’ to users via e-mail notification which is receivable through networked PCs or smartphones.



    SC-S70670 is bundled with ONYX® RIPCENTER™ for SC-70670 which includes full workflow software with layout, nesting, tiling, custom spot colour management and custom media support. If the unit is white ink and metallic silver ink enabled, the ONYX® White / Metallic Silver ink feature add-on software is available as an option.


    The Epson’s UltraChrome GS2 Ink does not require special ventilation when in use indoors and features a safe pigment formulation that is 100% free of nickel and fluorine compounds, while maintaining a high degree of outdoor durability.


^Epson UltraChrome GSX ink meet the chemical requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel (Nordic Swan) for printing companies. Measured using Epson testing standards, using selected media from 3M and Avery Dennison Corporation. Please check details at the local Epson office.

Key Benefits

  • Product Feature

    Up to 64-inch Wide


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    Renowned Epson Colour Printing Quality


  • Product Feature

    2 Years Warranty


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Printing Technology  
Print Head Micro Piezo™ TFP
Maximum Resolution 1440 dpi X 1440 dpi
Ink System  
Ink Type Epson Ultrachrome® GSX
Colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange, (Configurable) White, Metallic Silver
Ink Capacity 700ml (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange),
600ml (White),
350ml (Metallic Silver)
Print Speed  
Vinyl Media (1 Layer)  

High Speed, 720 X 720, 4-pass

26.9m²/h Outdoor / Wide Gamut

Production, 720 X 720, 8-pass

13.3m²/h Outdoor / Wide Gamut

High Quality, 720 X 1440, 16-pass

6.8m²/h Outdoor / Wide Gamut

With MS, 720 X 1440, 20-pass

4.1m²/h Wide Gamut
Vinyl Media (2 Layers)  

With MS, 720 X 1440, 44-pass

1.9m²/h Wide Gamut
Banner Media (1 Layer)  

High Speed, 720 X 720, 4-pass

26.9m²/h Outdoor

Production, 720 X 720, 6-pass

18.28m²/h Outdoor
Transparent Media (1 Layer)  

Production, 720 X 720, 8-pass

13.3m²/h Outdoor / Wide Gamut

High Quality, 720 X 1440, 16-pass

6.8m²/h Outdoor / Wide Gamut

With MS, 1440 X 1440, 36-pass

2.21m²/h Wide Gamut
Transparent Media (2 Layers)  

Production, 720 X 1440, 36-pass

3.0m²/h Wide Gamut

With MS, 1440 X 1440, 76-pass

1.18m²/h Wide Gamut
Paper Handling  
Roll Media Dimension  

Outer Diameter

Up to 250mm


300 – 1625.6mm (64″)
Ink Layering Min. 508mm
Print Area  


Max: 1615.6mm (64″)


5mm each side (10mm when using Media Holding Plates)
Control Panel 2.5″ Colour LCD
Standard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Ethernet 100Base-TX/1000Base-T
Main 512MB
Network 128MB
Software Communication Driver, Online Guide, LFP RemotePanel 2, EpsonNet Config
Electrical Specifications  
Rated Voltage AC 100-240V
Rated Frequency 50~60Hz
Power Consumption  


Approx. 800W


Approx. 580W


Approx. 12W

Power Off

Less than 0.6W
Options Order Code
Heavy Roll Media System C12C890761
Waste Ink Bottle C13T724000
Maintenance Kit C13T724100
Media Holding Plate C12C890891
Ink Cleaner C13T699300
ONYX® RIPCENTER™ White/Metallic Silver (Add-on for S-series) 3108145
Roll Media Order Code
Semi Glossy Artistic Canvas 350 24″ x 12m C13S045319
Semi Glossy Artistic Canvas 350 36″ x 12m C13S045320
Semi Glossy Artistic Canvas 350 44″ x 12m C13S045321
Semi Glossy Artistic Canvas 350 50″ x 12m C13S045322
Solvcoat Backlit Film for Epson 36″ x 30m C13S045323
Solvcoat Backlit Film for Epson 50″ x 30m C13S045324
Solvcoat Backlit Film for Epson 63″ x 30m C13S045325
Warranty Standard 2-year onsite inclusive of parts and print head
ONYX® RIPCENTER™ Requirements  
Server Workstation Windows Vista or Windows XP (32-bit), 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 4GB memory recommended
Client Workstation (s) Macintosh 10.5x or higher, Windows Vista or XP (32 or 64-bit)
Dimensions and Weight

Ink cartridges


Epson UltraChrome GSX Ink Cartridges

Epson UltraChrome GSX Ink Cartridges


  • Cleaning Cartridge (950ml) (C13T699000)

  • Black

    Black Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715100)

  • Cyan

    Cyan Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715200)

  • Magenta

    Magenta Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715300)

  • Yellow

    Yellow Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715400)

  • Light Cyan

    Light Cyan Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715500)

  • Light Magenta

    Light Magenta Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715600)

  • Light Black

    Light Black Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715700)

  • Orange

    Orange Cartridge (700ml) (C13T715800)

Supplied Accessories
ONYX RIPCENTER includes full workflow software with layout, nesting, tiling, custom spot colour management and custom media support.
  • Document Pack (Installation CD and Paper Manual)
  • Substrate Support System
  • Additional Print Dryer System
  • Starter Kit
  • 700ml CMYK, LC, LM, LK, OR inks
    350ml Cleaning Cartridge x 10