Huion H320M

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  • 2in1 Dual Purpose Drawing Tablet: As the first drawing tablet of Huion Inspiroy Ink series, H320M creatively combines pen tablet and LCD writing tablet together as one. With H320M, you could take notes and doodle on the LCD writing tablet to picture your mind whenever the inspiration hits, and craft your ideas to an art work on the professional drawing tablet when available. H320M could meet more request of users and suit for beginners, children, families and professionals.
  • Android Devices Supported: Compatible with Android 6.0 or later, Inspiroy Ink H320M drawing tablet could be connected with android phones or tablets via an adapter. When computer is not available, you still could take it out for any place to record your inspiration. It definitely enhance work mobility and convenience. Note: The cursor will not show up in Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet except for Note Series.
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Product Description

For Online Teaching&Working and Web Conference Use:


  • Huion tablets are well compatible with office software like Microsoft office Word, Excel, Power Point. It is ideal for online teaching, remote work, web conference, presentation and so on.


Important Notices:


  1. Before connecting to your android devices, please make sure that your phone or tablet must be equipped with Android 6.0 or above and should have OTG function. If you are not sure, please consult us for further information.
  2. OTG tablet does not support iPhone or iPad. It only supports Windows , Mac OS and Android OS.
  3. The pen tablet can work without installing any driver into your phone or tablet. But you’ll need to install a driver first when connecting to a PC.
  4. Once connected to a phone or tablet, the Huion tablet will automatically detect and change into phone mode, in which the pen can only work in the area to the left.
  5. Buttons on the Huion tablet and the pen will not work in phone mode. Also you cannot rotate your Android phone or tablet when using Phone mode.
  6. When the pen tablet failed to enter the phone mode automatically, please refer to the Instruction manual to find the specific button and press the button for 3 seconds to enter the phone mode.
  7. The pen cursor will not show up in following models:



  • Nexus 6 /GoogleGalaxy
  • S6 / SamsungGalaxy
  • S7 edge / SamsungGalaxy
  • S7 / SamsungGalaxy
  • Tab S2 / SamsungGalaxy
  • S8 / Samsung
  • S9/Samsung


8. Solution to cursor issue on the Samsung devices:


  • For Samsung Note series, you could go to phone settings to make the pointer appear. Please refer to the following process: Phone Settings-Advance Features-S Pen- Turn on Pointer.
  • For other Samsung device, please download Huion Sketch on Huion official web or Google Play. Follow below steps to make pointer show up in Huion Sketch: Go to Huion Sketch settings-Cursor-Turn on the Cursor-Restart Huion Sketch. IMPORTANT: better restart the app before drawing otherwise there is a lag.