NuStand 360 Swivel/Pivot

NewerTech NuStand 360 Swivel/Pivot Aluminum Desk Stand


Display your iPad with stability.

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Product Description

Swivel/Pivot Aluminum Desk Stand for the Apple iPad

Display your iPad with stability.
Spin it, tilt it, angle it…

Whatever your viewing preference, the NewerTech NuStand 360 delivers a full 360° range display. Go portrait mode for business presentations, landscape mode for movie watching, or grab hold and steer your way to victory lane in a driving game. 

The NuStand 360 desk stand offers full range of motion, precise positioning, and most importantly, compatibility with both the iPad. 

Ideal for use in multi-iPad model user environments like homes and schools, the NuStand 360’s aluminum body uses removable silicone “blocks” to securely hold either the iPad or iPad 2. A rear cutout on the body enables clean, nearly hidden routing of a dock connector cable.

With a unique, friction damping, swivel-pivot design, the NuStand 360 provides fluid, precise display positioning. This functionality, combined with a scalloped cutaway shape to provide excellent handhold points, makes the NuStand 360 the ultimate accessory for games like Firemint’s Real Racing 2™. To remain stationary on the desktop, even in high traffic areas, the NuStand 360 features a heavy weighted base with an anti-skid rubber foot. And to keep looking like new for years to come, the NuStand 360 is coated with a rubberized black finish that’s soft to the touch, yet highly scratch resistant.