Smudgeguard Glove Blue

SmudgeGuard 2-finger Large Strong Blue


Keeps the side of your hand clean from unwanted smudges!

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Product Description

Are you a right-handed artist? Are you a Wacom or Tablet PC user? Are you left-handed?

  • Do you always get pesky ink or graphite smudges when you write, draw or sketch?
  • Wacom users: Does your hand stick to the surface when writing or drawing on the Wacom tablet? Do you want your hand to glide more smoothly?
  • Is your Tablet PC getting filthy smudges from sweaty hands?

Try SmudgeGuard® It’s interchangeable for both lefties & righties!

Below are three videos showcasing the SmudgeGuard® glove.
Here’s a video titled, “Smudge Guard for Wacom Users” – a review of the SmudgeGuard® glove. =) The video is made by Reid Southen of
“Here’s a video I created, putting the great SmudgeGuard® into action, while making my own comic book as a hobby.” – Marco Martins of Portugal – Designer


  • Keeps the side of your hand clean from unwanted smudges!
  • No more sweaty hand smudges on your Tablet PC!
  • Eliminates hand friction!
  • Your hand will glide easily across paper and tablets!
  • Your hand won’t “stick” to the Wacom surface anymore!
  • Minimizes smudges off your creative work!
  • Great for home, school or office!
Design Features:

  • Snug
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • For Male or Female
  • For Left or Right handed use
  • Made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex
Children & Adults can use it for:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
SmudgeGuard® is well-made with the highest quality!

Sold individually, not in pairs.

Do you use a Wacom tablet? Does the sweat of your hand stick to the plastic cover making it difficult to move across the surface? Is the friction bothering you? If you don’t want this problem, get SmudgeGuard®. It’s the perfect “Wacom tablet glove” or “Wacom Cintiq glove”. Here’s some feedback from Wacom users.

SmudgeGuard® is a partial glove that’s made of nylon and spandex, so that it fits snug and allows your hand to glide smoothly across the Wacom tablet. It instantly improves both the quality of your work and productivity so you’ll spend less time re-working your lines. Wacom users will enjoy better hand movement without the resistance and friction! Here’s some Wacom testimonials and pictures/YouTube videos from some SG users.

Photo Courtesy of TerriLynne Martinez (
Do you use a Tablet PC? Are you tired of getting greasy hand and palm smudges on your tablet screen? Do smudges build-up, making it difficult to see the screen clearly? Are you experiencing irritation when your hand is constantly rubbing the screen? Is the friction bothering you? If you don’t have the time or the desire to be constantly wiping smudges off your tablet, then SmudgeGuard® is the answer. It prevents smudges!

SmudgeGuard® is a partial glove that’s made of nylon and spandex, so that it fits snug to your hand and glides easily over the tablet screen. It keeps your tablet PC smudge-free and becomes handy when you want to wipe dust and fingerprint smudges off (IF you don’t have the cleaning solution or dry cloth nearby). It even reduces heat exposure to the side of your hand when your tablet begins to get hot (from over-heating). Tablet PC Users will find this “tablet PC glove” very useful!

Do you have left-handed children? According to a survey from , one of the biggest problem left-handed children face is smudges. When writing from left to right, their hand will drag over the ink or graphite. This leads to a dirty looking hand and smudged work. To cope with this problem, lefthanded children may twist their hand and body to a certain angle, to avoid smudges. This may lead to poor body posture. Parents can help make their lives easier by supplying them with tools that are made specifically for lefties. The SmudgeGuard® glove, eliminates the smudges off the hand and it will give your child a more positive experience when writing in school.


Cool Black Strong Blue
Sweet Lavender Modern Gray
Rich Burgundy


Sizes In Inches or In Centimeters
XS Up to 2 5/8 inches (Up to 6.7 centimeters)
S Up to 3 1/16 inches (Up to 7.8 centimeters)
M Up to 3 7/16 inches (Up to 8.8 centimeters)
L Up to 3 13/16 inches (Up to 9.8 centimeters)
XL Up to 4 3/16 inches (Up to 10.8 centimeters)

Size Guide and Printable Size Chart below:

A ruler is needed to measure the width of your knuckles to find your size.

    1. Place your right hand palm down on the ruler with the index finger against zero inches.
    2. Align knuckles (not fingers) across the ruler. (You could even trace your entire hand over the chart to find your correct size easily.)

  • The width of your hand will tell you what size you are.




Click on the image below to print out a PDF SIZE CHART to measure your hand easily.

*Please note: You MUST print this PDF SIZE CHART at 100% (ACTUAL SIZE) to get the correct size.

If you would like to double check to see if you printed it at 100%, just check the printout against an actual ruler. The measurements should be exactly the same as your ruler.

For International Customers, please click on the METRIC SIZE CHART here:






**Please read the SIZE PRECAUTIONS below before ordering:

**1. If your hand falls directly on the line (in between sizes), we recommend that you order the next larger size. For examply, if your hand measurement fall in between the sizes of small and medium, you should order the medium size. And if your hand falls in between the sizes of medium and large, you should order the large size. If you ever need help determining your size, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us! We’ll try our very best to help! Thanks! =)

**2. Please DO NOT place your hand onto your computer screen to measure your hand (even if you set the chart to 100%). The measurement from the screen will not be accurate. Please PRINT the PDF SIZE CHART at 100% to get your correct size. Thanks!

**3. The XS size is for very small hands (usually for children ages 6 and up). In the past, customers have accidentally ordered the XS size by mistake which resulted in extra time and postage to resend it back and to re-ship it for both parties. So, just as an added precaution, please make sure to print the PDF SIZE CHART at 100%. If you have any questions in regards to your size, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us! We’ll try our very best to help! Thanks!