Val Almonguera
Gen. Manager

Val has held various roles from tech support to customer service in the past 20 years before becoming GM. He has the unenviable task of growing the company while minimizing stress at work.


Sheryl Sarabia
Accounting Officer

Sheryl has been with Ynzal for over 17 years. She enjoys the challenge each day brings which provides an opportunity for learning.


Jennelyn Ramiro
Finance Officer

Jenn handles Ynzal’s finances and ensures that everything is in order. Her positive attitude helps keep everyone in a good mood.


Melanie ‘Maan’ Laquindanum
Purchasing Specialist

Maan enjoys dealing with suppliers which makes her perfect in her role. She values efficiency and making the most of any situation.


Rey Ramos
Delivery|Collections Specialist

Rey likes meeting people and getting to know new places, opportunities he gets in his role. He is a devoted family man who prefers staying home whenever he can.


Damian Villariba
Inventory Specialist

A 16 year member of Ynzal, Damian believes in the saying, “Life is short. Enjoy it!” and one can see this in the way he approaches his work.


Dino Dagpin
Operations Specialist

Dino is dependable and loves helping his co-employees whenever needed.

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