Ynzal Marketing Corporation

About Us

About Us

YNZAL (Ynzal Marketing Corp.) was launched in 1999 by a group of professionals whose background include sales, customer service and business development to initially provide Macintosh-based solutions for the pre-press and print publishing markets. It has eventually expanded its products and solutions with applications spanning from the creative industries to the corporate sector.


We are dedicated to the idea that no matter how fast technology evolves, we would offer our customers the most competitive solutions suited for their needs: by integrating our systems with the best in-bred products and after-market peripherals, and backing it up with timely and reliable after-sales service.

Products & Solutions

We carry numerous solutions and products from a host of manufacturers, vendors and distributors who believe in our direct marketing skills. Our focus lies in providing cutting-edge solutions for the creative markets. We are the authorized Adobe Platinum-Partner, Wacom Authorized Reseller Partner, Huion reseller, and representative of ToonBoom in the Philippines.

Through our satellite offices in US and Canada, we also source non-traditional brands not available in Asia that our corporate customers require.


Ynzal is an independent Apple Macintosh Service-Provider offering a myriad of third-party alternatives while providing a host of technical services to the local Macintosh community. We offer solutions from the biggest names in the world of Mac enhancements: NewerTech, OtherWorld Computing (OWC), LMP, Sonnettech and iFixit among others.

Dedicated Staff

Customers that prefer to talk with someone who understands the needs of the creative professional and the Mac platform can consult with any of our experienced sales and customer representatives. Thanks to the extensive background of our staff (stretching all the way back from the mid-80s), our customers can be assured that they are dealing with someone who truly knows and understands their needs.

Value-Added Service

While we strive to offer the most competitive prices in town, we also make sure that our customers are pampered by our after-sales services. We offer a wide range of services from pre-sales consultancies, product installation and training to online and phone support, on-site troubleshooting and repair, and maintenance of equipment.

#20 Scout Limbaga Street
Laging Handa, Quezon City
1103 Philippines

Tels: 8373-2232 • 8373-3940 • 8372-5389
Fax: (+632) 8373-5625

Business Hours:
8.30a to 5.30p (M-F)
8.30a to 12:30nn (Sat)
Closed (Sundays & Holidays)

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