Huion Inspiroy RTS-300

The report rate of RTS-300 is improved and reaches 300PPS, which means lines can be rendered smoothly. Additionally every input on this pen tablet can be sensed immediately, which makes it a great device not just for painting but also for playing OSU.

Huion Inspiroy RTS-500

Available in solar orange and cosmo black, RTM-500 is classic and fashionable. With 8.4mm thickness and 415g weight, the tablet is lightweight and easy-to-carry, which ensures a great partner for drawing on the go.

Huion Inspiroy RTS-700

As a new product that adopts a full covered panel with printed dot grid, pen tablet RTP-700 enables users to define the working area easily. Additionally, the pc material of the panel greatly mimic the texture of paper, ensuring natural and comfortable pen-on-paper drawing experience.
Kamvas RDS-160 is compatible with devices running Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Android operating systems, supporting various mainstream design and drawing software. Try to explore and create more with this amazing pen display.


Innovative 8 Multimedia Keys – HS611 is the first pen tablet equipped with multimedia keys, the 8 multimedia keys are ergonomically designed on the upper side of the pen tablet, which helps to maximize productivity. Features included: volume mute/down/up, previous play/pause/next, switch between softwares/switch to the desktop. It is a great choice for video editors and people who like to listen to music while creating.


Full Lamination Technology:The laminated screen of Kamvas 22 Plus helps reduce the parallax to the lowest and gives you full control on the cursor to where you expect to be. Plus, with the etched anti-glare glass panel, it reduces most unwanted glare offering you a natural pen-to-paper drawing feeling.
₱ 23,790.00

Can be powered by laptop directly via USB.
Fast Connection Brought by 2 Type-C Ports
Vibrant and Rich Colors Brought by 120% sRGB
Connectivity with Android device is Supported
Upgraded Battery-free Digital Pen PW517 with PenTech
With Stand ₱11,990.00
Without Stand ₱10,990.00
Tilt Function Battery-free Stylus – Comes with 8192 levels of pen pressure with ±60 pen tilt support, allowing you to have advanced pen performance; Battery-free pen PW507, no longer need to worry about charging.
120% sRGB Color Gamut – Kamvas 20 pen tablet provide you with richer colors and smoother transition between colors. Present 16.7 million
Advanced Pen Technology:benefit from the Huion PenTec3.0, PW517 is optimized with Capacitive Pressure Sensor making it responsive to every pen movement with virtually no lags. Shorten pen nibs and better nib firmness make the pen tip barely bounce back to improve accuracy and reduce offset. Along with 8192 pressure levels, tilt response and lag free tracking, PW517 delivers the most accurate and natural pen performance.

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