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SSD Upgrade for Macbook Pro Retina(Late 2013-2015)


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OWC Solid State Drives For MacBook Pro with Retina Display

(Late 2013 – 2015)

 1352MB/s                                   16xUp to 1352MB/s Sustained Read Speeds   Up to 16x the capacity of the                                                                               original drive

 Works with the following Model IDs

MacBookPro11,1     MacBookPro11,2               MacBookPro11,3
MacBookPro11,5     MacBookPro12,1               MacBookPro11,4

  OWC Aura Pro XThe Fastest Flash/SSD Upgrade — Period. The highest capacities & performance for the most demanding applications.Sustained data rates of up to 1352MB/s read and 1052MB/s write.Backed by a 5 Year OWC Limited Warranty.

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    SSD Upgrade Kit    Includes: SSD, tools & transfer enclosureOWC Aura Pro X SSD Upgrade Kit___________________________________________________________240GB                         Buy Now                     Learn more___________________________________________________________480GB                        Buy Now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________1.0TB                          Buy Now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________2.0TB                         Buy Now                       Learn more___________________________________________________________   




    Drive Only  Includes: SSD                                                 OWC Aura Pro X SSD___________________________________________________________240GB                         Buy now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________480GB                         Buy now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________1.0TB                           Buy now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________2.0TB                           Buy now                      Learn more___________________________________________________________   





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