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Trade-in your Mac and Save on a new one (or) Sell Us your Used Macs!

YNZAL is pleased to offer a trade-in program for customers.
Essentially, the program will allow you to trade in your old Mac systems towards the purchase of a new one almost immediately.

This program encourages you to recycle your old Apple systems and use its value as a down payment for a brand new model.  If you haven’t decided exactly what you’d like to buy, you may also put the money as a store credit towards a future purchase.

Why Trade-In?
Affordability. Trade-in value will be considered as down payment towards a brand new model.

We pay Top Dollar. You will be surprised to discover that we can pay as much for your machine as you can expect from a private sale –and without any of the hassle!

Reduced costs. Get a break on your new purchase as you only pay the difference and NOT the full amount!

Socially Sensible. Let us take care of disposing of your old unit. It will either be refurbished or recycled. You’ll also make it possible for someone who can’t afford to buy a brand new Apple device to get into the platform by considering a refurbished unit.

Secure. Your hard drive will be wiped-out and overwritten several times before a fresh Apple OS version is installed. This ensures your privacy and allows us to thoroughly erase the drive of your files.

Stay Ahead. Get ahead before your equipment becomes obsolete. Technology moves quickly. Trading in your old device can help you get the latest gadget without feeling guilty, or your wallet feeling the pain.

In some cases, we’ll offer to purchase machines that are in for repair, if you decide you’d rather not proceed with the expense of service. Machines are purchased either for parts, store use, or resale.  Though we don’t generally purchase pre-Intel hardware, we’ve been known to make exceptions, depending on our need and the unit’s resale potential.

Advantages of Trading-In your system with us over Private Sale:

  • NO more effort to advertise
  • NO advertising Fees
  • NO wasted time dealing with “lookies”
  • NO meetings with strangers
  • NO problems with buyer funding/financing
  • Deal on a newer machine is immediate
  • SAVE on the new system!

We will also make the process easy and worry-free for you. We will migrate all your data to your new machine, re-install your applications, reconfigure all you user settings, and reformat your old hard drive to eradicate your data —all these for free!

Trading-in is truly an efficient way to reuse and recycle your used equipment —so turn your used Apple system into a brand new one and make it a win-win thing for you today.

It’s that easy, convenient, straightforward and hassle-free!

*Please detail the specification of the Machine you want to trade (specify model, speed, size of RAM, HD, screen, etc.).

Detail your Mac Specifications when you send us your message and get a free immediate quote and price appraisal. We pay top dollar for quality used Macs and you might be surprised on how much your unit can still cost.

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