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OWC Memory Upgrades For MacBook (Mid 2006 – Mid 2007)

MacBook (Mid 2006 - Mid 2007) OWC Memory Upgrades

Actual product may differ slightly in appearance.

OWC Memory trade-in rebate

Memory trade-in rebate

Send us your old memory when you upgrade and we’ll give you a rebate!


Buying Options667MHz DDR2 PC2-5300 — Maximum 3GB supported
2GB (1GB x 2)1,990Buy Now
2GB (2GB x 1)1,450Buy Now

3GB (2GB + 1GB)

MacBook2,1 only
2,290Buy Now


OWC Memory Upgrades For MacBook (Mid 2006 – Mid 2007)

Up to 3GB memory

Works with the following Model IDs

  • MacBook1,1
  • MacBook2,1
  • Rigorously in-house lab tested
  • Easy DIY install videos
  • OWC MaxRAM Certification
  • Lifetime advanced replacement warranty
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