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Huion Kamvas 24 Plus


The Kamvas 24 plus graphic monitor with 23.8″ 2.5K QHD IPS screen delivers stunning, life-like image quality with high pixel density and fine detail. Together with full lamination technology, and anti-glare glass design, the graphics drawing monitors provide more highly immersive image quality and can also present the same image quality within a wide 178° viewing angle.

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Simple, But Powerful

Bigger size, higher resolution
And unchanged productivity
See all the powerful features in this minimalist designed body!


Grab Every Detail on QHD Screen

With the QHD (2560×1440) resolution and 23.8-inch screen, Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus present clearer and more detailed images in front of your eyes. It also provides you a larger workspace to help you immerse in your creation.


Bring more colors to your artworks

Same as other Kamvas pen display, Kamvas 24 has 120% sRGB color gamut, which brings more color to your work and makes the image more vibrant. Also, the Plus Version adopts industry-leading Quantum Dots technology to achieve an ultra-wide color gamut of 140% sRGB. Combining with the QHD resolution and perfect surface finish, you can get an excellent visual experience.

Get Rid of Parallax and Glare

The anti-glare finished surface of Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus will ensure that you are not disturbed by strong light during the work process, and also provide you pen-on-paper drawing experience. In addition, featuring with the full-lamination technique, the Kamvas 24 Plus can effectually minimize the parallax and show a clearer screen.


Enjoy the Stability with PenTech 3.0

Featuring Huion’s latest pen technology – PenTech 3.0, the battery-free pen PW517 provides better stability with a lower positioned pen nib to bring you a lifelike drawing experience. It also supports ±60° Tilt function and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Select Your Preferred Connection Method

With two USB-C ports, Kamvas 24 and Kamvas 24 Plus can be connected to your Mac, laptop, desktop, or Android devices in two different ways. You can choose between 3-in-1 cable connection or USB-C to USB-C cable connection depending on your device, either way can make sure your workspace is neat and clean enough.

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Turn Your Android Device into a Mobile Studio

Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus support connectivity with the Android mobile devices via a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Check the list of compatible Android devices here.


Do Not Forget That Super Practical USB Hub

Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus are equipped with a USB hub that allows you to easily connect all your peripherals without reaching far under your desk or behind your computer.

Stand, Strong, Stable, Sturdy

Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus come with a 20°-80° adjustable Vesa stand ST100A in the package, so you can adjust the angle of pen display as your need. Besides, You can also use the Monitor Arm ST400/ST420 to flexibly adjust the position of the screen, which can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by long-time working

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Adjustable Stand

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Monitor Arm Stand


All the Detail is Designed for Better Use

Kamvas 24 & Kamvas 24 Plus are designed with 3 vented slots for heat dissipation to keep them running at optimum temperature. Besides, they also come with anti-slip rubbers on the bottom of the display, which can prevent sliding for safe and stable working.

Combine Mini Keydial for Better Efficiency

Forget about your Keyboard and enjoy high efficiency with the Mini Keydial KD100. The special one-handed keyboard can be fully customized to suit your workflow and save your workspace.


Flexible Connectivity & Compatibility

Support Version: Windows 7 or above, Mac OS 10.12 or above, Linux, and Android.


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