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Wacom Flex Nibs (5-Pack)


Specifically designed for use with most Wacom pens, these Flex Nibs come in a set of 5.

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Usually ships within 3 to 7 days, otherwise 2 to 3 weeks. Please confirm availability with us upon ordering.

This 5-pack of black flex nibs give you more “tooth” or friction, when used on the tablet surface.
If you want a “higher friction” more flexible feel when writing or drawing with your Intuos or DK2100UX Tablet Pen, then grab this five pack of Flex Nibs from Wacom. Simply replace your current nib with a Flex Nib and you’re ready to go. A pack of five, black nibs gives you enough to last more than a while. These nibs deliver a flexible, higher friction feel when writing or drawing with your tablet pen.

Includes: Five flex nibs

For use with: Intuos 4 or DK2100UX and most Wacom pens. These single-shaft nibs work in place of any standard nib.

*Usually ships within 2 weeks!

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