Val Almonguera

KNOW YOUR YNZAL: Val Almonguera

Meet Val Almonguera, Ynzal’s ever-reliable Customer Service Director! Hardly a day goes by without the office receiving an urgent inquiry or request, to which Val readily tries to accommodate. Whether it’s for an urgent OS repair of a ‘Sad Mac’, a new parts order for an old Wacom unit, or even on-site calls for service, Val is always there to provide a helping hand. He is always on top of things that go in and out of Ynzal’s daily traffic, managing to field queries while directing the flow of tasks to the various teams.

Started as Mac Support Specialist in 1994, Val joined Ynzal at its early days and rose to become Technical Head and eventually Customer Service Director. Over the years, his passion for work has taught him the value of treating customers right the first time. By doing so, he has helped grow Ynzal’s loyal customer base and shaped the company’s brand of passionate service.

You can never go wrong with Val’s expert advise and suggestions allowing you to make educated decisions from ways of looking after your Mac to choosing the right tools for your right brain.

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