Ynzal Marketing Corporation

Bong Almonguera

KNOW YOUR YNZAL: Bong Almonguera

This is our Business Development Director, Bong Almonguera, who’s managing our North American operations. Bong is an old hand in the Mac industry as he was part of the original Sales Team who marketed the Mac on its infancy stage in the mid ’80s. He was also pioneer in bringing in Wacom, Adobe and countless other solutions to the local market since the early ’90s.

With him in-charge of vendor relations and procurement through our USA and Canada hubs, Ynzal has been very successful in sourcing new and upcoming products and establishing partnerships with manufacturers and brands.

His being on the same timezone where technology leaders are, Bong is our conduit to emerging industry trends abroad. He makes it effectively possible for us to fulfill the most demanding requirements of our local customers.

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