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  • 2.5K QHD ensures true-to-life details and a cinematic visual experience.
  • Quantum dot technology helps achieve 145% sRGB color gamut volume.
  • The anti-glare screen keeps you more focused on art creation.
  • Lamination technology makes the cursor appear precisely on the screen.
  • PenTech 3.0 brings an exceptional pen experience.
  • ±60° tilt support promises natural shading and coloring.
  • A versatile pen display offers a superior movie and gaming experience.
  • The adjustable stand provides added comfort and an optimized workspace.
  • Anti-glare screen keeps you more focused:Kamvas RDS-220 utilizes quantum-dot technology to reduce potentially harmful blue light emissions, and its anti-glare etched glass surface minimizes the effects of glare effectively. Thus, you can concentrate on viewing and drawing on the pen display in comfort without the distractions caused by bright ambient light or eye strain.
  • Lamination technology makes a difference: Applying the lamination technology, Kamvas RDS-220 ensures that the strokes can appear precisely on the screen and the annoying parallax can go nearly unnoticeable because the distance between the pen tip and the digitizer under the glass surface gets much shorter. You will be able to create better artwork easily with Kamvas RDS-220.
  • Imperceptible distance, exceptional experience: Employing PenTech 3.0, the battery-free digital pen PW517 has a substantially short retraction distance of 0.3mm, which is almost imperceptible. This provides enhanced stability and allows you to draw just as you would with a traditional pen. Moreover, newly developed felt pen nibs upgrade the feel against the textured surface of Kamvas RDS-220 to bring a more tactile “pencil-on-paper” painting experience.
  • Born to make your creativity a reality: Thanks to 8192-level pressure sensitivity and >300PPS report rate, even a slight variation in pressure can be recognized instantly, enabling lines and strokes coming out of the pen tip as expressive as you anticipate while drawing from imagination. With ±60° tilt support, PW517 offers improved control to achieve natural shading and coloring to liven up your artwork and give it a three-dimensional feel more easily.
  • Appearance
    Color:Dark Gray
    Dimension:546 x 323 x 19~26.7mm (Without Stand)
    Working Area:475.4 x 267.4mm
    Net Weight:3.45Kg (Without Stand)
    Stand:Adjustable Stand (20°~80°)
    Video Interface:3-in-2 USB-C (HDMI) Full-featured USB-C
  • Screen
    Resolution:2560 x 1440 (16:9) QHD
    LCD Type:IPS 60Hz
    AG Glass:Anti-glare etched glass
    Full Lamination:YES
    Contrast Ratio:1200:1
    Brightness:220nit (Max.)
    Response Time:14ms
    Viewing Angle:89°/89°(H)/89°/89°(V) (Typ.)(CR>10)
    Gamut Volume:145% sRGB
    Display Color:16.7M (8bit)
  • Technical Specifications
    Digital Pen:PW517
    Pen Technology:Battery-free EMR
    Pen Resolution:5080 LPI
    Pressure Sensitivity:8192 Levels
    Tilt Support:±60°
    Sensing Height:10mm
    Report Rate:>300PPS
    Accuracy:±0.3mm (Center) ±2mm (Corner)
    Press Keys:-
  • Operating Conditions
    Input Voltage:AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Output Voltage:12V 3A
    Power Consumption:≤30W
    Standby Consumption:≤0.5W
    Working Temp. and Humidity:0-40°C, 20-80%
    Storage Temp. and Humidity:-20°C~60°C, 10-90%
  • OS Compatibility
    Windows 7 or later
    macOS 10.12 or later
    Android (USB3.1 DP1.2 or later)


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