UGEE Pen Tablets and Accessories

Features a 10 x 6 inch working area that offers you more space and freedom to sketch, draw, write, edit, and much more.

The compact and portable UGEE S640 Pen tablet has a 10.6-inch dimension with a 7.5-inch active area.
W 2,490.00 / BL 4,490.00

W 1,992.00 / BL 3,143.00

UGEE Drawing Tablet S1060

UGEE S1060, being a highly ergonomic and work-friendly product, has a usable area of 11.7 inches. With 12 shortcut keys placed on the top, both left and right handed users can use it without any hassle.


UGEE Drawing Tablet S1060W

UGEE S1060W wireless version, a collection of the most suitable features for art creation on the market, with 11.7 inches of usable area. The 12 shortcut keys placed on the top, as well as the wireless function, maximize the needs of the artist when creating.


UGEE Drawing Monitor U1200

UGEE U1200 11.9-inch FHD Display, Wide color gamut of up to 127% sRGB, can display 16.7 million colors, 1000:1 high contrast with 178°viewing angle. As the ideal device for creators, we display more colors than your computer monitor! Better help for you to create large works.


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