Ynzal Marketing Corporation

Ynzalat DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024

Ynzal Marketing Corp proudly participated as a minor sponsor at the highly anticipated DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024, held on June 29, 2024. This premier event, a hub for developers and tech enthusiasts from across the region, showcased the latest trends, tools, and innovations in the tech industry.

Ynzal’s booth attracted significant attention, featuring the latest Wacom pen displays and Adobe software. Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the powerful capabilities of Wacom’s advanced pen technology integrated with Adobe’s suite of creative tools. From digital art and design to multimedia production, the synergy between Wacom and Adobe showcased the future of digital creativity.

The DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024 was not only an opportunity for Ynzal to demonstrate its state-of-the-art products but also a platform to engage with the vibrant developer community in Mindanao. By participating in this event, Ynzal underscored its commitment to supporting the growth and development of digital talent in the region.

Ynzal Marketing Corp’s involvement as a sponsor and exhibitor at the DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024 highlights their dedication to empowering digital creators and fostering innovation in the tech industry. The event was a resounding success, strengthening Ynzal’s presence in the tech community and paving the way for future collaborations and partnerships.

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